About us

About us

The money is not supported by something, the gold and currency reserves are a myth. National bank currencies are just printed paper pile with its unstable conditional value regarding to the dollar and the economic performance of a particular country. This means that most of the finance we use is also the illusory currency.


The world has long been dominated by electronic money, electronic wallets, electronic bills and electronic exchange points. Cash become less popular and are considered to be old payment method. Expensive bank Western Union type transfers are interesting only for those who are not familiar with the modern technologies enough or for advanced aged people.


Bank interest is too small in comparison to the ones which are offered by the cryptocurrency funds. Everyone is aware of the huge profits which are received by first bitcoin investors. The investment in any alternative cryptocurrency may raise and suddenly enrich you.


Cryptocurrencies change the world view and attitude to the money of any user who becomes aware of the topic, even a tough skeptic and critic. People get completely different money view thanks to the cryptocurrencies services – now people see that being an employee is old earning method and now money can be got easily and can be multiplied several times.


The best current field’ profitability illustration is a real example. Bitcoin cryptocurrency cost was $0.01 in 2009. Then its price reached $20 000 at the time on December 2017.

Here is another example from the immediate past. Ethereum cryptocurrency rate was $7.25 on April 29, 2016. Then its value reached $20.5 on June 16, 2016. So, the investors increased their funds amount almost 3 times in less than 50 days!


We have 2 marketing types:

Cryptocurrency speculation is the cryptocurrency purchase/sale which is carried out on popular exchanges. The earnings way is clear - you earn on the rates difference when converting various currencies.


Cryptocurrency mining. Mining is the cryptocurrency mining process. It occurs with the powerful computers help which are installed by people privately.

Besides there are whole farms of such computers where the industrial-scale cryptocurrency mining occurs.


We earn on "production" and on the cryptocurrency growth and we share the profit specified with our investors.


Our team is engaged in the following:

1. Builds a multi-level referral network.

2. Gets high passive income and bonuses from users involved in the system.

3. Operation is carried out on the exchanges, i.e., we sell, buy and exchange cryptocurrency for the world monetary units (which is not available in any bank). And as a rule: any cryptocurrency resource is a large exchange service with a lot of payment systems and banks of the world in one place.

4. Our team has an unlimited activity fields thanks to the cryptocurrency.

5. While determining a lot of goals and achieving them with the greatest efficiency.

6. Engaged in new unique cryptocurrency development.

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